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    2013 Year In Review

    In light of the (cyber) age-old tradition of using a blog to journal key events from the previous year, I endeavor to remember 2013. In no particular order:   1.  In April, we visited Guatemala. It was my first time to Central America, to Tim’s home country, to the community of La Limonada, and to meet our sponsored child. Having already blogged about these experiences, I won’t go into detail. This was the absolute highlight of my year and I feel overjoyed to now get to work for Lemonade International in a small way to advocate and tell the stories of what God is doing there.   2. We purchased…

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    24 Photos from Guatemala

    Yesterday, Tim curated 24 of the Instagram photos he captured during our time in Guatemala. I’m inspired to do the same. Most of the time we spent in the community of La Limonada, we respected the one camera per group request by relying on the incredibly talented photography skillz of Scott Bennett. But our phones still managed to capture a few of the scenes and people forever imprinted in our memories. We also had the opportunity to pray, reflect and debrief the experience in Guatemala City by visiting Panajachel and Antigua. In addition to being beautiful and relaxing, these places also hold childhood memories for Tim. Stepping back into familiar…

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    Day 1: Violence & the Aroma of Christ

    This is not the way it’s supposed to be. Today we walked around in a dangerous, gang-filled barrio. We saw the blood still on the street from yesterday’s shooting and listened to stories of heartbreak. And then we returned to internet and heard about more heartbreak from Boston. What causes people to act out in violence against other people? How can we respond? After 19 years of working with gang members, Tita pictures these fierce youth as scared children who were never given definitions for love unmingled with abuse, home separated from insecure and neighborhood un-dominated by tension. She believes in the power of love to break down these walls…

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    A True Love Twitter Story

    Once upon a time, there was a boy and there was a girl. They lived far apart and for the better part of three decades, they had never met. One spring day the boy decided to do a series of blogs about social justice. He also decided to tweet about them. The girl stumbled upon said boy’s blog while searching #socialjustice tweets. Through mutual interests, mutual friends and a dazzling dose of providential intervention the boy and the girl began to tweet, email, text and talk on the phone to each other. By Fall, the boy and the girl finally met each other in person and with a little help…

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    Bloggers Trip to Guatemala

    It has been no secret Tim and I have been big fans of Lemonade International, a community development organization focused on the largest urban slum in Guatemala City, Guatemala. When we discovered Lemonade,  we were immediately struck by the story of how God raised up local Guatemalans to walk into one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world compelled by love and hope for what could be done to renew this place. We were drawn to the deeply focused method of building relationships and restoring dignity to a group of people who often feel equated with the trash that surrounds the deep ravine they call home. So, you can imagine our excitement…

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    Over the Desert

    As a Birthday gift from my friends, I went power paragliding over the Arizona desert. It was amazing to float on the air and glide off the rising air from the mountains. Although I had mentioned wanting to try this, it was such a surprise to be given such a gift. Very fun!

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    Matsuri Festival

    This weekend I joined my friend Aiko for the Matsuri Festival in downtown Phoenix. I was glad to have my Japanese friend to interpret all of the art, Kendo, Taiko drums, food and more. Japanese culture is so beautiful! I am amazed at the art, meaning and excellence that can be found in folding paper, self-defense, fish and calligraphy. It is a culture I am excited to explore more and have even made a deal of sorts to visit sometime next year. (You’ll have to ask Aiko for the details!) I’ve been reading my great-aunt Ethel’s accounts of her time working in Japan. She spent almost a year exploring the…

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    Just a few of my favorite 2005 things

    Spent time with incredible people, participated in holistic ministry and learned more about the desires God has placed my heart all in a shanty-town in Lima, Peru Played with sparklers on the top of a volcano after watching the sun set over the clouds Went to a real island for the first time where I hiked a bamboo forest, lounged on a beach, walked through a pineapple field and went to a luau. Visited Washington D.C. twice with two amazing friends Stood by Niagara Falls with the mist on my face Received a promotion to Support Specialist Project Analyst Navigated a major road trip for the first time (we only…