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Spring Forward for La Limonada

The Lemonade International Spring Forward campaign officially launched last night, and will continue until May 9th. This video says it all – there are real, tangible, and urgent needs every day in the largest urban slum in Central America. After watching the video, I thought about Mark 1:41, where Jesus was moved with compassion after seeing a deep need presented to him in faith.

There is a time and place for community development, but there are also times when Jesus is asking us to join him in showing mercy to urgent situations. Simply having a La Limonada address marginalizes the people and causes incredible struggle in every day life. There are no safety nets or people to call for help when emergencies arise. So, they cry out to Jesus in their pain. He hears their cries, and can use you and me to respond to the tangible needs of his beloved children.

Watch and be moved with compassion:

Community Relief in La Limonada from Lemonade International on Vimeo.


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