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Tackling Urgent Needs in La Limonada

La Limonada | Katie N Hoiland

During our visits to the slum community of La Limonada, Tim and I have been warmly invited into seven different homes – homes filled with stories of pain, struggle, survival, and deep faith. Marginalized individuals and families who have worked hard to meet their basic needs, but have come against unexpected difficulties and emergencies.

When you are working hard to survive today, how can you plan or prepare for unexpected health emergencies that may arise? If your home is damaged from a fire or by rainy season, how do you repair or rebuild? If your son is diagnosed with Leukemia, how can you pay for medical care when you can’t even afford the taxi fare to the hospital? Without assistance, how does the wounded bedridden take care of their bed sores?

Praying with the people of La Limonada and asking God to meet their very basic needs has wrecked me.

To step into their shoes even for a moment, feeling both their helplessness and hope, stirs up the deepest wrestling of faith and trust in God’s love for them. Will he answer our pleas? Will he bring mercy and compassion? Will he come alongside them in their distress and meet the urgent need? Is he going to use me to do this?

These are the questions that continue to flood my heart and mind as I reflect and process these very special experiences.

This Thursday, Lemonade International is launching a beautiful new video highlighting the hope-filled work of their community relief efforts. I can’t watch it without tears and can’t wait for everyone else to see it too!

You are invited tomorrow for the Video Launch and Live Twitter-Chat: #LISpringFoward
Thursday, April 23, 2015 | 5:00 – 5:30p.m. PT | 8:00 – 8:30p.m. ET

La Limonada | Lemonade International


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