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Isaiah 9:6 “And he will be called .. Mighty God.”

“Mighty God is the name of this child.  The child in the manager is none other than God himself. Nothing greater can be said: God became a child. Here he is, poor like us, miserable and helpless like us, a person of flesh and blood like us, our brother. And yet he is God: he is might. Where is the divinity, where is the might of the child? In the divine love in which he became like us. His poverty in the manager is his might. In the might of love he overcomes the chasm between God and humankind, he overcomes sin and death, he forgives sin and awakens from the dead. Kneel down before this miserable manager, before this child of poor people, and repeat in faith the stammering words of the prophet: “Mighty God!” And he will be your God and your might.” – Bonhoeffer