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24 Photos from Guatemala

Yesterday, Tim curated 24 of the Instagram photos he captured during our time in Guatemala. I’m inspired to do the same.

Most of the time we spent in the community of La Limonada, we respected the one camera per group request by relying on the incredibly talented photography skillz of Scott Bennett. But our phones still managed to capture a few of the scenes and people forever imprinted in our memories. We also had the opportunity to pray, reflect and debrief the experience in Guatemala City by visiting Panajachel and Antigua. In addition to being beautiful and relaxing, these places also hold childhood memories for Tim. Stepping back into familiar places allowed me to share those memories and love for this country.

Lemonade International

Playing puzzles with Cristian at the Mandarina Academy
La Limonada from “Up top” Zone 5
Community Leaders gather to share what flourishing would look like
Bill showing us what excellent leadership looks like
Otto, former gang-member turned shoemaker & true artisan
Visiting a home that burned. An elderly man who saved his “treasures”
The team tasting various fruit from Guatemala
Driving around Guatemala
Visiting the city dump where people scavenge for survival

Guatemala City

Lunch with Tim’s CAG classmates in Guatemala City
Beautiful restaurant in Guatemala City


Cloudy View of Calle Del Lago
View of Atitlan Volcano from our hotel
Relaxing in Beautiful Pana


Calle El Arco
A Room with a View
A beautiful Chapina making tortillas
Breakfast at Dona Luisa Xicotencatl
Convento de las Capuchinas Courtyard
Convento de las Capuchinas View
View of Antigua
Posada de Don Rodrigo Courtyard
Mural of Jesus, St Francis, Indigenous Guatemalans & others at Iglesia de San Francisco
Cafe Condesa

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