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A True Love Twitter Story

Photo by David Schrott
Once upon a time, there was a boy and there was a girl. They lived far apart and for the better part of three decades, they had never met. One spring day the boy decided to do a series of blogs about social justice. He also decided to tweet about them. The girl stumbled upon said boy’s blog while searching #socialjustice tweets. Through mutual interests, mutual friends and a dazzling dose of providential intervention the boy and the girl began to tweet, email, text and talk on the phone to each other. By Fall, the boy and the girl finally met each other in person and with a little help from some amazing Cuban food discovered they preferred face-to-face conversation.

In late October, a beautiful sunset from the top of South Mountain in Phoenix ushered them into an official relationship. Many details later including a cross-country road trip to move the girl out to Pennsylvania, they found themselves back in Phoenix. After receiving the blessing of the girl’s parents, the boy whisked the girl back up to their spot on South Mountain but this time he had a ring and a question. The girl said yes. They tied the knot on November 6, 2011, in a little garden oasis in Phoenix and are happily married this year and a half later.

So you see boys and girls, Twitter is not just a platform for wasting time and over-sharing. Like most things in life, anything can be a tool for good or ill. It can be about engaging the like-minded around shared passions such as #socialjustice. In fact, five such like-minded Twitter connections are soon to head for #Guatemala with the desire to tell the stories of an amazing community of image-bearers. You’ll have to join in this Twitterverse by searching #LIBloggers to know what I mean.

Read the full story of our Bloggers Trip here & meet the team here.

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