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After 3 years I returned to Lima, Peru for vacation and a visit to the Food for the Hungry Peru office. It was an incredible time to get to another country and culture, listen to and fumble in Spanish, enjoy amazing friends and good hugs, eat incredible Peruvian food, explore Puno and Lake Titicaca, see how the child development program works in Lima…and once again have my heart broken over the poverty, unsupported missionaries, dysfunction of my organization and wishing I could impact the work they are doing there.

Heart breaking to watch people with very little choices who are working hard and long every day to provide for their families, mothers who desperately want something better for their children but lack the resources to do it, missionaries who have sacrificed so much to be unsupported in their work and feeling helpless to change or help any of it.

Highlights included eating random new and yummy food, hanging with 3 incredible women who challenged and encouraged me, being smashed in a Combi, sharing great time with God all together, enjoying the warmth of Peruvian culture, seeing the child development program in person, being recognized in the community where I helped build stairs and do VBS 3 years ago, hanging with the kids, seeing in person staff who I work with via email, being cold enough to wear scarves, exploring Puno together, going back to the Tulipan, having a guy ask me “Come here often”..haha and being impressed with the character of God in all of it. It is amazing how he uses each of us in all our sin and issues to bring about transformation, carry out his mission and glorify himself.

Committed to the most vulnerable around the world.

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