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Matsuri Festival

This weekend I joined my friend Aiko for the Matsuri Festival in downtown Phoenix. I was glad to have my Japanese friend to interpret all of the art, Kendo, Taiko drums, food and more. Japanese culture is so beautiful! I am amazed at the art, meaning and excellence that can be found in folding paper, self-defense, fish and calligraphy. It is a culture I am excited to explore more and have even made a deal of sorts to visit sometime next year. (You’ll have to ask Aiko for the details!) I’ve been reading my great-aunt Ethel’s accounts of her time working in Japan. She spent almost a year exploring the countryside and cities. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to visit some of the same places she did!

As you can see from the pic, I had fun at the festival!

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  • Roseann

    What a hot mamma you are with your mask! That is a great picture. Sounds like you had fun. I can’t wait to hear the story behind you going to Japan! How awesome would that be?!

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